Friday, October 17, 2008

Cap'N America

Just something quick done at the end of the work day. Pencil and "wet edge" brush in PS.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wonder Woman Day III (10-26-08)

These are the 2 pieces I donated for Wonder Woman Day III, that's taking place Sunday, October 26th. This year I decided to donate both drawings to the 'Jersey location, Comic Fusion in Flemington. Both are 11" x 17" in Pen & Ink on pre-printed comic book page bristol.

I'm really happy with how both pieces turned out, especially "The Trio", as I have a habit of usually drawing single characters in my artwork. A group shot was a fun little challenge. There has been a lot awesome artwork already donated and I'm jazzed to be in such talented company...especially helping some great charities.

I'll be spending some time at Comic Fusion on Saturday doing sketches/head shots for anyone who comes in to the store. I did this back on Free Comic Book Day earlier this year and had a blast. If you're in the area between 12 and 5, stop by. Comic Fusion is a great little shop in a kool neighborhood and it should be fun.