Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wonder Woman Day III (10-26-08)

These are the 2 pieces I donated for Wonder Woman Day III, that's taking place Sunday, October 26th. This year I decided to donate both drawings to the 'Jersey location, Comic Fusion in Flemington. Both are 11" x 17" in Pen & Ink on pre-printed comic book page bristol.

I'm really happy with how both pieces turned out, especially "The Trio", as I have a habit of usually drawing single characters in my artwork. A group shot was a fun little challenge. There has been a lot awesome artwork already donated and I'm jazzed to be in such talented company...especially helping some great charities.

I'll be spending some time at Comic Fusion on Saturday doing sketches/head shots for anyone who comes in to the store. I did this back on Free Comic Book Day earlier this year and had a blast. If you're in the area between 12 and 5, stop by. Comic Fusion is a great little shop in a kool neighborhood and it should be fun.


Charles said...

Okay, i'm gonna put in my two cents here - AWESOME!- LOVE your bold linework and my favorite is the trio.

You should've colored one of 'em tho'!!!


FrogDaddy said...

too hot Robert! I kinda like the top one Charles,
It's totally heroine chic! super bad-ass!
Hope they were brought for a pretty penny Rob!

Anonymous said...

These are really cool, Rob! Top one holds a very special place in my loi--er, heart...heheee...Good job, dude!

zl_petrov said...

your girls are damn hot!